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Our History

Father Matthew Alencastre
Father Matthew & Steven Timbal

Tropical Flowers & Bouquets of Hawaii was made possible through the love and kindness of a Catholic Priest by the name of Father Matthew Alencastre.

In 1985, Father Matthew was transferred from his Lahaina parish to a new parish in Hana, Maui. He also encouraged his good friends from Lahaina, Moses and Virginia Timbal and their two children, to move to Hana and start a flower farm. In the summer of 1987, Moses and his family moved to Hana at a place called Pu’uiki (which means small hill) and became the caretakers of St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church and the property surrounding it. Given the cooperation of the Church and Father Matthew’s blessings, Moses and Virginia started a flower farm. They gave it the name of AINA O LOKO MAIKA’I hich means "Land of generous sharings" in the Hawaiian language.

With Father Matthew’s loving devotion, persistence, and encouragement combined with the endless efforts of Moses and Virginia, AINA O LOKO MAIKA’I has become a prominent and fast growing flower farm on the island of Maui. Through the years, AINA O LOKO MAIKA’I has stemmed into two specialized flower businesses one of which is "Tropical Flowers & Bouquets of Hawaii" and the other "Ua Kea Tropicals".

Botanical Gardens at Ua Kea Tropicals in Hana Maui, HawaiiTropical Flowers & Bouquets of Hawaii started in 1997 and is now one of the prominent bouquet shippers on the Island of Maui.  Every weekday, bouquets are shipped out and sent all over the United States. 

Ua Kea Tropicals invites all visitors to come and stroll through a 3-acre botanical garden that will have the sights, the sounds, and the smells of a tropical paradise. 

Now you can also spend a few days in the garden in their new vacation rental. So make sure on your next trip to Maui, look us up and please stop by and see for yourself this so called heaven on earth.